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казино игры онлайн вулкан

Казино игры онлайн вулкан

There will be ghost people waiting in the lobby, so be careful. Your revolver or basic weapons should be fine for now. Just take them out and move forward. Walk up and казино игры онлайн вулкан into the theater through the marked entrance.

The reception desk has some chips to loot, and also a terminal that you can use to learn the protocols. Basically, things get a whole lot easier if we trick it into thinking that the show is in progress.

Walk inside by going to the left. The speaker on this side is unshielded, so you can just shoot it. Move forward and swing into the bar. You can loot the first aid kit and safe, then move forward казино игры онлайн вулкан the center pit.

I suggest that you just sneak forward to the right, then jump over the rail and run into the backstage area. Backstage PassClose the казино игры онлайн вулкан to keep the security guards from following.

The next area is a special trap. You can get казино игры онлайн вулкан blackmail evidence from the safe, and get medicine and ammo from the first aid kit and gun case. The most important thing is the key off of the desk. Walk down the corridor again and go into the storage area.

Turn to the left казино игры онлайн вулкан and shoot the speaker on the wall. You can loot this area too for some more chips and gear. Look behind the couch for another emitter. Shoot it to clear the path. You can also get a little more loot and казино игры онлайн вулкан from the room.

This has officially cleared the path. The stage door is now open, so go inside and talk to Dean.]



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